*Highest Strength with the lowest possible weight! All our parts are made via Vacuum Infusion Technology cured at the correct temperature ensuring the best possible strength, appearance, weight and fitting. Our products are protected with high gloss UV clear coat to secure the quality lasting long and avoid yellowing or hazzing during the years. We believe that Carbon Fiber Parts MUST be produced via Vacuum Technologies, with No excess resin using brushes and open molding techniques, No resins that become yellow as top coats. Our success recipe is the folowing "Experience gained after many hours of practising - Top quality materials - Latest Vacuum Techniques- Post Curing - Automotive UV Clear Coat" We aim for Fiber to Resin ratio at 65/35. That's how you get the Highest Strength with the lowest possible weight!

*The customer is able to suggest custom designs and carbon weave cloths, although the most popular are the Plain weave 1x1 and the Twill weave 2x2 (as seen below) we are able to make parts out of all Carbon & Kevlar weaves available in the market.Our favorite one however is the one that Pagani uses - check our Full V Pattern Carbon Corvette C5, our racing BMW S1000RR and the GSXR 1000 K5 SBK Demo Bike

*All carbon parts from all manufacturers are suggested to be used for of road use, it's up to the owner's decision to use them on the road.
*We can produce in carbon any part as long as we got the oem part to make the mold. If you're really interested in a part that we don't have listed and you're willing to lend it to us for few days to make the mold let us know.Of course you will get the part back undamaged.
*All prices are in Euros for items made with ordinary carbon weave cloth except if it's stated otherwise. However the customer is able to ask for any type of carbon weave.
*Prices does not include VAT 23%

*Prices does not include Shipping, please email us for a quote. There are 3 Basic categories.

Shipping Category Size Characteristics Worldwide Shipping & Packing Cost
#1 Small Items fitting in bubble bags or small boxes such as handles, rear huggers, small fenders etc and generally items weight less than 2kg approx. 10-20 Euros
#2 Medium Sized packages, items as diffusers, moto fairings, spoilers etc. approx. 40-70 Euros
#3 Large Sized boxes such as hoods, full fairing bodykits, bumpers etc. approx. 100+ Euros
*Payments can be made via Paypal(+3% paypal fees) or via Bank Transfer in Euro Currency.
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice depending the price changes of materials.